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✅ Individual advice from the field​
✅ Transparent services without a subscription

Through great content to great customers

Would you like to become independent of cold calling and strengthen your image as an expert? With kurt creative, I have built up a 100% digital company myself through practical content on YouTube, in the podcast and blog, which regularly wins new customers through content marketing.

The combination of services that can be booked directly online, target group-oriented content creation and automated processes quickly proved to be a formula for success in the digital age. In addition to our special services in the field of podcasting, we also offer you comprehensive support with our content marketing consulting.

Expert advice from a single source

The kurt creative online business is based on a symbiosis of strategic content creation, customized services and a high degree of automation using modern tools. We advise you holistically in all three disciplines.

Offer structure

Which of your services or products are suitable for promotion using content marketing?

Content Creation

Which content channels are suitable for your online business and how does content creation work?


Increase the efficiency of your content marketing through automation and standardized processes.

How you benefit from our advice

“I saw videos of you on LinkedIn and thought the tips and your presentation were really great. I immediately thought to myself: I’d like to do it that way too! So I booked a consultation with you, which really helped me to structure myself and know where to start.”

Daniela Langer (kurt creative customer since 2022)
Voice coach

Let us optimize your content marketing

Would you like to know what potential strategic content marketing offers for your company’s growth? We will analyze your starting position and develop a concrete plan for the next steps. You can book your personal consultation call with Kurt here.

220 $ excl. VAT

Benefit directly from our many years of experience in building and operating a company that has grown through content marketing. In the Content Marketing Power Call, you will receive specific help with your current challenges:

✔️ Feedback on your online presence (website and/or social media)

✔️ Potential analysis of possible content channels

✔️ Developing a content strategy that suits you

✔️ Improve your processes with technical tools

The Content Marketing Power Call is a one-off service with no subscription or follow-up costs. Kurt Woischytzky will advise you personally via video call or by phone.

Rely on our experience with over 200 customers

kurt creative is not an agency. We want to see you and your brand grow and support you in making your own ideas visible. That's why we offer you our flexible online workshops as well as production and other services. In our transparent online store you get exactly the support you need - without opaque black box packages, without subscriptions. kurt creative was founded in 2019 as a 100% digital company by content creator Kurt Woischytzky. Click here to learn more about our values.

Content Marketing Consultation: Frequently asked questions

What is content marketing?

Content marketing refers to the regular publication of informative, advisory or entertaining content that is intended to convince the desired target group of the company’s services or brand. In contrast to advertising, the focus here is not on a specific invitation to buy. In times of increasingly aggressive advertising, content marketing has established itself as a beneficial alternative for customer acquisition with real added value.

Is content marketing suitable for every industry?

In principle, a suitable content strategy can be developed for every industry. This works easiest for an online business, as it is very easy to build a bridge from the published content to the offers. Content marketing is also suitable for offline businesses, but the challenge here is to offer interested parties a simple contact or purchase option within the content elements.

What does content creation mean?

Content creation is the process of creating multimedia content, such as videos, podcasts, graphics, texts, etc. These elements are used strategically as part of content marketing to promote paid services or products.

Do I have to become an influencer for content marketing?

No. There are many different formats in the field of content marketing, many of which do not require you to be present with your own face. Text, graphics or animated videos are also ideal for drawing your target group’s attention to you. Your company can continue to appear in its usual style and it is not necessary to record videos in front of the camera yourself.

Free info call

You can book all our services directly online. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have in a 15-minute, no-obligation info call. Just send us an inquiry.

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