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Podcast Editing / Mastering

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Podcasting without time-consuming editing work

Editing a podcast recording is usually a tedious task that can take half a day to a whole day per episode for non-producers.

We are happy to take this task off your hands! Thanks to our many years of experience in audio production, we are not only experienced in cutting pauses, awkward sounds, restarted paragraphs and the like, but can also individually optimize the sound of your audio tracks and take them to a whole new level. Every recording is listened to in its entirety and edited down to the last detail.

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How you benefit from our podcast editing

“It would be totally time-consuming for me to familiarize myself with production. I wouldn’t have time for that and it’s not my job either. Cobbler stick to your last! It’s good that you can buy in this service.​”

Ulrike Gödeke (kurt creative customer since 2021)
Managing Director SKM Freiburg e.V.

Unique in the industry: our signature sound

Mastering is not just mastering: in podcast production, art and craftsmanship go hand in hand. Our work therefore bears a unique signature that is unique in the industry in this form and clearly stands out from other companies in its attention to detail.

Optimizing the flow of conversation

With hundreds of individual cuts, we get the maximum eloquence and flow out of your recordings. We remove unnecessary pauses and rough patter (in the Editing Budget rate) as well as filler words such as “ehms” (in the Editing Classic + Premium rates) without sacrificing naturalness.

Reduction of background noise

Room reverberation, noise, humming, hissing, clicking, smacking, unnatural breathing and hissing sounds are typical disturbing noises that can occur during podcast recordings. We reduce these to the technically possible minimum using state-of-the-art tools. We also compensate for volume fluctuations.

Mastering according to radio standard

Your podcast should be in no way inferior to the productions of major publishers and celebrities – that’s why we develop a separate, individual preset for each voice to give it presence and character. We work with a multi-stage editing process.


Technical feedback

The mic is buzzing? The room echoes? The recording tool is causing problems? We analyze your recordings down to the smallest detail for every production and give you expert feedback on any problems that arise and explain measures for improvement.

This is how it works:


  1. Upload raw recordings
  2. Order Podcast Editing
  3. Receive finished podcast episode

Book podcast editing directly online

Here you will find an overview of our podcast editing and mastering services. You can book these directly online. If you have any questions, simply send us an inquiry.

Great sound for a low price: We master your podcast episode to radio standard and remove pauses and rough breaks.

130 $ excl. VAT

This makes listening fun: in addition to the services from the budget rate, we also remove “umms”, filler words etc. and thus ensure maximum eloquence.

145 $ excl. VAT

Make a perfect impression on your listeners: in addition to the classic services, we also carry out individual cutting requests.

155 $ excl. VAT

If you can do without editing services: We master your soundtrack up to 90 minutes in length for optimum sound.

120 $ excl. VAT

Rely on our experience with over 200 customers

kurt creative is not an agency. We want to see you and your brand grow and support you in making your own ideas visible. That's why we offer you our flexible online workshops as well as production and other services. In our transparent online store you get exactly the support you need - without opaque black box packages, without subscriptions. kurt creative was founded in 2019 as a 100% digital company by content creator Kurt Woischytzky. Click here to learn more about our values.

Editing / Mastering: Frequently asked questions

How long should a podcast episode be?

In our experience, the ideal length for a podcast episode is 20-30 minutes. With longer podcasts, there is a risk that listeners will not be able to consume them in their entirety and will therefore not listen to any further episodes; shorter episodes often cannot go into sufficient detail.

How do you edit a podcast?

In order to edit a podcast, individual audio tracks of all guests must first be available. These should then be aligned with each other in terms of sound to compensate for differences in volume or sound. Noise should also be filtered out.

Then the actual editing begins, i.e. the removal of unwanted parts of the conversation, such as longer pauses, filler words or sections that have just started.

In mastering, the individual tracks are all mixed together and a uniform, concise overall sound is created that sounds good on as many different playback devices as possible.

Can I edit the podcast myself?

It is possible to edit a podcast yourself using simple programs such as Audacity or Garage Band. However, this can be time-consuming, especially for beginners. Audio editing is a complex subject, which is why we always recommend production by specialists if you have a budget.

We offer various editing and mastering packages with different scopes. We work with Avid ProTools, an established editing program in the radio industry, and a few other plug-ins.

What does editing and mastering mean?

Editing means cutting a recording, i.e. editing several tracks individually and, for example, removing certain sections or combining the tracks with the intro and outro.

Mastering is the mixing of several tracks into an overall production and the creation of a concise sound image.

Which noise can be filtered?

Ideally, of course, a recording should contain as little noise as possible, but some can be reduced afterwards with a few technical tricks. For example, constant noise can be filtered quite well if it has a technical cause and remains constant throughout the recording. The same applies to humming and beeping.

Background noises, on the other hand, can almost never be removed if they are overlaid by the podcaster’s voice. Crackling, which is caused by a brief loss of signal, can be removed to varying degrees (depending on the recording program used). Reverberation can at least be reduced slightly. Clipping, on the other hand, is almost impossible.

You are welcome to send us your recording in advance to get an assessment of how well it can be processed by us.

How can I record my podcast?

You can either record your podcast alone or with guests. If you are recording alone, we recommend a USB microphone such as the Rode NT USB Mini, which you can connect directly to your computer. If you’re recording with guests on location, we recommend a separate microphone for each guest. We show you the best setup for this on our YouTube channel. If your guests are in a different location, make sure you use a recording tool with good recording quality. We have had good experiences with the program Riverside.

Free info call​

You can book all our services directly online. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have in a 15-minute, no-obligation info call. Just send us an inquiry.

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