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Podcast Intros

✅ Large selection of professional voice artists​
✅ Pay once – use indefinitely

Professional sound from the very first second

Do you have the technical equipment, a good concept and exciting interview guests? Then you’ve mastered the most important steps on the way to your first podcast episode.

What’s still missing for a professional sound is a concise podcast intro and outro. This will make your podcast stand out from the large number of other formats and give it a high recognition value. A podcast intro is comparable to the jingle at the beginning of a radio or television show: It contains striking music and information about the topic and the presenter of the program. It can sound like this, for example:

Voices with character: Our voice artists

We want your podcast to sound unmistakable. That’s why we only work with voice artists who have a unique and characteristic voice. You can listen to their demos here. We are happy to book other voices and languages on request.


Standard German

Austria / Switzerland

This is how you benefit from our intros/outros:

“I think the audio branding is just part of it and has to be professional. We sent a text over to you and it was exactly what we had hoped for. Great implementation, immediately understood what we needed. Great!”

Christoph Moss (kurt creative customer since 2023)
Managing Director Mediamoss GmbH

Podcast intros/outros from the professionals

Record an intro/outro yourself? It’s easy and inexpensive, but it puts your podcast at a disadvantage compared to studio productions. With our intro/outro productions, your podcast will make a high-quality impression right from the start. Benefit from our years of experience with podcasters from a wide range of industries.

Production to radio standards

Your podcast should be in no way inferior to the productions of major publishers and celebrities – that’s why we work with a multi-stage mixing and mastering process that gives your intro/outro an unmistakable sound.

Choose from various professional voices

We offer you a large selection of voice artists to choose from. In our regular castings, we pay particular attention to individuality and expressiveness. Only those who are 100% suited to our production style become part of our portfolio.

Each production is creatively unique

Every podcast is individual – and this should also be reflected in the intro/outro. We research intensively for the perfect music, unique sound effects and pay attention to the smallest nuances when recording.

Pay once - use forever

No hidden costs: You only pay once for our intros/outros and can then use them for an unlimited period of time. The usage rights are shown transparently in our invoice.

This is how it works:

  1. Enter podcast information
  2. Order Intro / Outro
  3. Get finished intro / outro

Book podcast intros / outros directly online

Here you will find an overview of our podcast intro/outro packages. You can book these directly online. If you have any questions or need a customized offer, simply send us an inquiry.

A spoken intro and outro with some sound effects, without music. The texts must already be ready to be spoken.

220 $ excl. VAT

An intro and outro with voice artist, sound effects and music. We give you feedback on your draft text.

380 $ excl. VAT

In addition to the CLASSIC services, we write the texts according to your specifications and use more elaborate production techniques.

520 $ excl. VAT

Additional services

In addition to our intro/outro productions, we also offer the production of other branding elements for your podcast. If you have any questions or need a customized quote, simply send us an inquiry.

An appealing trailer to promote your podcast – either with voice over or an original sound collage.

240 $ excl. VAT

Bring structure to your podcast: With our category jingles, you can professionally transition from topic to topic.

200 $ excl. VAT

A professionally spoken introduction for your podcast: ideal for webinar or event recordings.

140 $ excl. VAT

Rely on our experience with over 200 customers

kurt creative is not an agency. We want to see you and your brand grow and support you in making your own ideas visible. That's why we offer you our flexible online workshops as well as production and other services. In our transparent online store you get exactly the support you need - without opaque black box packages, without subscriptions. kurt creative was founded in 2019 as a 100% digital company by content creator Kurt Woischytzky. Click here to learn more about our values.

Podcast intros: Frequently asked questions

What is a podcast intro?

A podcast intro is a pre-produced identifier that is played at the beginning of each podcast episode. Similarly, the outro is the corresponding counterpart that is played at the end of the episodes. The podcast intro should not be confused with the introduction, which is recorded individually by the podcast host at the beginning of each episode to announce the guest.

We use a voice artist for the production of the podcast intros, as well as suitable music, sounds and sound effects depending on the package selected.

What should a podcast intro sound like?

Podcast intros are recognizable and should not be overloaded with information, but should only contain a few key details about the podcast, such as name, slogan and the names of the presenters involved.

It is important that the podcast intro is professionally produced, as this improves the image of the entire podcast. In addition, the choice of voice artist and music should match the topic of the podcast (in the case of corporate podcasts, the company). A distinctive sound ensures a recognition value and burns itself into the listener’s memory.

Should I speak the intro myself?

The podcast intro should stand out from the rest of the podcast and therefore not be spoken by the presenter themselves. It is comparable to the jingle at the beginning of radio or TV programs – these are also not spoken by the presenters.

The intro (and outro) is also a static element that remains the same in every episode. It should not be confused with the introduction, which is recorded anew in each episode and in which the presenter’s personal touch should come to the fore.

Which voice artist should I choose?

The voice artist should match the image of the podcast (or the company in the case of corporate podcasts). For a young target group, a young and dynamic voice is suitable; if trust and seriousness are to be conveyed, a more distinctive voice is recommended. The most important thing, however, is that you (and your brand) can identify with the voice.

For male presenters, it also makes sense to use a female voice for the intro, as this makes them stand out better. Conversely, a male voice for the intro is a good addition for female presenters.

Are there any additional costs for the voice artist?

No. The recording of the voice artist from our portfolio is included in the price, as are the rights to use the finished production.

Which text should I choose?

Above all, brevity is key. The intro and outro are more aesthetic elements and should not be overloaded with information. The following scheme has proven itself for the text.


(podcast name) + (podcast slogan) + with (name of the presenter)


That was (podcast name) + (podcast slogan) + with (name of the presenter) + (call-to-action)

Do I have to pay license fees for the music?

No. We generally work with royalty-free music when producing podcast intros. (unless you explicitly request the use of a specific piece of music protected by license fees)

Free info call​

You can book all our services directly online. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have in a 15-minute, no-obligation info call. Just send us an inquiry.

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