Setup of Audio Podcast Hosting

150 $ excl. VAT

Setting up audio podcast hosting

  • Creation of the podcast on behalf of the customer with the hosting provider Anchor (no follow-up costs) or any other hosting provider of the customers choice
  • Submitting the RSS feed to the Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon and Google Podcasts platforms and linking to them
  • Final technical check and, if necessary, rectification of problems with the podcast platforms

After setup, all new episodes uploaded to the hoster will automatically appear on all linked podcast platforms.

The time it takes for the podcast to become available on all podcast platforms depends on the processing times of the podcast platforms and the hoster, over which we have no influence.

(1) After your order, we will check your order and send you an e-mail with further information about which materials (texts, images, etc.) we still need from you. You will also receive your invoice by e-mail.

(2) Once we have received all the information, we will set up the account with the hoster of your choice for you and then send you the access data. If you have chosen the provider Podigee, you still need to take out the desired payment plan with them.

(3) To publish the podcast, we need a first, fully produced podcast episode, a cover, a title and description text as well as the description of the first episode. As soon as we have this information, we will upload it to your hoster and submit the podcast to the podcast platforms for review.

(4) As soon as the podcast is available on all platforms, we will inform you and send you the links. If technical problems occur, we will clarify these directly with the providers in consultation with you.